Friday, October 2, 2015

How much did the CCCS administration pay its lobbyists to help defeat our legislative efforts this year and last year (Senate Bill 15-094 and House Bill 14-1154)?  What was the CCCS rationale for giving its 1,246 full-time faculty a 20.3% pay increase at the same time it fought to keep paying its 4,667 adjunct faculty poverty-level wages? Why are adjuncts having their course loads cut and being told that enrollment is down, when it is up by more than 18,000 students? Why are adjuncts being told the CCCS is experiencing "budget shortfalls" when the CCCS has more than a quarter billion dollars in reserve and puts aside $20 million each year it does not spend? Read what new research reveals about the CCCS here:
The 2015 CCCS Adjunct Index

Some background on its creation:
Think Outside the Box and Publish an Index