Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Opposition to HB 1154: Abbreviated version

WANTED:  28,874 WORKING PROFESSIONALS -- (M.A. or Ph.D. REQUIRED) to teach one of the 28,874 courses taught exclusively by part-time professors in one of our 13 community colleges. Preference given to those committed 40 hours or more in other jobs, already earning a living wage, independently insured, with adequate retirement benefits from another employer and with flexible work schedules. Applicants must commit fully and meaningfully (although part-time) to student learning and our mission goals for student success for 15 weeks and then, to forget about it all completely. Responsibilities include lesson planning, curriculum-writing, lecturing, grading, and corresponding/ meeting with students. Applicants must provide own phones and computers, pay for gas to our remote campuses and for parking in our college parking lots. We prefer highly regarded, busy working professionals who will teach in our colleges one semester only, as we need to maintain our flexibility. Professionals who need to travel for their other jobs will have their paychecks docked if they miss a class while out of town, or if they miss class due to illness, as we do not provide paid leave for any reason, even illness. Average salary: $6.50/hour to start. After three years of service, a possible tiered-pay increase to $7/hour is not out of the question, but is likely impossible to attain, due to our flexibility needs. A week or a few days’ notice of a teaching assignment is typical in our college system. Applicants must be ready to report to their assigned classrooms at the start of the semester, teach for 15 weeks, and then, at the end of the semester, leave teaching forever, forget they ever heard of our colleges or read this advertisement.